25 years of of providing art space!!!

This year celebrate the 25th anniversary of our very first studio complex: The Toole Shed Studios on Toole Avenue in Tucson. Originally the headquarters for the Arizona Messenger Co. We rented the long empty 11,000 sq ft building from the department of transportation and created 14 artists studios, a gallery space, large format mural darkroom, holography facilities and shared event/project space. From the very first month the Toole Shed Studios was a hit and ran in the Black while providing the lowest priced rent of any Studio complex in Tucson.

If you are interested in a space in Tucson get in touch with the Warehouse Artists Management Organization: http://www.wamotucson.org/

Build to suit!

We are now taking reservations for space at our new Hill Street Complex. We hope to move in by July 1st. The smallest spaces are just 300 sq ft but we can configure rooms up to 2,000 sq ft!  The ground floor is very client friendly,  with exhibition quality walls and client friendly shared space!

Let us know what your needs are and we will build the perfect space for you.

Happy Birthday MOCA Tucson!

Our third big project:  the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, Arizona is getting ready to celebrate its 2oth anniversary! I know right?!?  That was quick. The renovation of William Wilde’s 1973 neo-brutalist Central Fire Station is a jewel in the crown of downtown Tucson. The building is looking awesome and the programming is getting better every year. If you have not been there yet  plan a trip soon.

Check out https://www.moca-tucson.org/

Kitchen Studio

We have been getting a lot of requests from Chefs for a day rental kitchen. One that would be licensed by the health  and fire department, and available for catering, product testing, farmers market events and so on. We have also had requests from food stylist’s and culinary teachers for a kitchen that is photogenic and would serve as a good space for food video.

So I think we are going to do that! If you are interested in a kitchen studio or a studio kitchen as it were, lets talk! Tell us what your needs are and maybe we can make this happen.